Meredith Forsythe


Novel by Former Narcotics Undercover Agent


This is the second "action packed" novel by author Ken Dye.


Detectives Sloan and Falimoso are back in action as they put a major dent in crime and mayhem in the 19th District. 

Assigned to the 19th Bureau of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department, the two “Rock and Roll” cops, promoted to Detectives by the Chief of Detectives, after a violent shootout with a pair of killers from Cleveland. 

They go about their duties solving crimes and putting those that prey on the good citizens of St. Louis where they belong.

In the Missouri or federal correctional system.  Some evil doers are not so fortunate and wind up on a cold slab.  Some would think this is a harsh ending for dangerous criminals…Sloan and Falimoso think it saves the state a lot of money.

Ken Dye
plot illustration


The Detectives are reunited with a “Confidential Informant” and solve some of the areas most perplexing cases.

They are eventually propelled into an investigation involving a plot to topple one of America’s most recognizable landmarks…the Gateway Arch.

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Chapter 1

Chapter 27